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  • Trade effortlessly with local companies
  • Don't miss out on local business opportunities

Think of FoodTrade like a dating site: we help you find your perfect match, whether you're a farmer, maker, restaurant, shop, or customer.

And because your time is precious, updating FoodTrade is as easy as sending a tweet.

We make it easy and economical to make smarter decisions, connecting you with new suppliers or stockists, resources, market intelligence, or a heap of hungry folk ready to eat.

  • 100% free for individuals, forever
  • Find businesses, new schemes, and join local groups
  • Trade surpluses with others nearby

FoodTrade helps you find the foods you love, sold by the people you trust.

By discovering the story behind your food, you can contribute to the health of your family, friends and community.

Support great producers, restaurants or stores by vouching for them on FoodTrade, or if they aren’t on FoodTrade you can invite them. Because if we’re connected, we can all be part of a better, fairer food system.

We do great things for organisations, too

Certifiers, community groups, networks, awards or public sector. We want to showcase your story, offering you the credentials you deserve and connecting you with the right people.

We’re about honesty and transparency. The more information you share, the smarter you become. This is your food trade network.

“This technology could change the way our food system operates”

— HRH Prince Charles

What we choose to cook, and where we choose to eat, affects the people and the places that grew, raised, baked and sold it.

FoodTrade is for those who want to reconnect the farm to the fork. It’s for farmers and families, tapas bars and taco trucks, smallholders and even supermarkets.

Join us on a mission to create a better, fairer food system.

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